History in the Making-Part 2

Anyone out there want to see the pictures of the historical Victorian we’ve been working on?!

These pictures are when the residence was listed on MLS to be sold.  The owners are having a huge unveiling party and asked if we could post updated pictures after June 1st so we are holding off on progress pictures until then (GASP!…we are DYING to show this place off!).  Some of these images show the ultra preserved wood work but can’t compare to what it is looking like now. Like we said before, this home’s detailed gorgeousness has melted our hearts!  WE. CAN. NOT. WAIT. until June 1st!!!

Before pictures…

Front Exterior

Exterior (like earlier post)

Front Exterior 3

Front porch

Front Exterior 2

Side porch

Front Exterior 4

Keyhole window in stairway


Parlor room

Interior-Stair 2



View from upstairs


Family room


Dining room




Master bedroom

Interior-Master 2

Fireplace in master bedroom

As you can tell, we are anxiously waiting to give updates on this gem.  Restoring historical homes runs deep in our veins with huge aspirations of revealing the story behind their time.  What a blast we have had so far getting to experience this piece of work!