History in the Making

We have been so honored to be a part of a recent project in restoring this beautiful Victorian home (built in 1881) that has not been renovated since the 1970’s.  The owners asked us for help, and with this being a huge passion of ours how could we turn it down?!

They are going to let us take pictures of the interiors (hoping that will be next weekend) but in the mean time here are some exterior views.


Look at that porch!  Can’t you taste the sweet tea and feel a small breeze during the summer time sitting on that front porch??!!


The intricate details are what capture our hearts…


The new owners are staying in the historical keeping of the home as much as possible and have stripped the 70’s acoustical ceiling tile on the first floor (themselves!) along with the 40-year-old green shag carpet to find original hard wood floors underneath.  Can you believe there was a time that covering those floors was cool?  There was more outdated wallpaper than to know what to do with but all of it is leaving.  This family has been such a joy to work with and they have poured their hearts & souls into bringing this home back to life.  We could go on and on about this charmer but we want to give more details when we get more pictures.

Have a great week everyone!


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